“Oh Lord, the king rejoices in your strength. How great is his joy in the victories you give!” Psalm 21:1

I could remember we were making cookies. My husband and I were making cookies with my mother-in-law for her youth group kids to snack on during the 4th of July activities. But something more happened that Sunday evening. What was a happy evening spiraled downward quickly as my mother-in-law started speaking of my husbands ancestry. It was a blur that evening as I heard her speak of my husbands father being put in foster care due to negligence. Quickly, she went from that story to her own son, saying that she couldn’t endorse his choice of leaving his previous job.

We were given notice we had to leave our apartment by the time college started (typically around the end of August).

I remember being in total shock as I watched my husband beg with his own mother to not do this.

We had never missed a payment on rent.

I had a job.  My husband was actively looking for a job.

None of that matter.

I ended up grabbing my husbands arm and led him out of the church kitchen without saying goodbye to my mother-in-law.

Back at the apartment, I called my parents and let them know what had happened. Afterwards, I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed. I wanted to cry. I wanted to beat my hands against the bed and ask God why.

I didn’t.

The only words that came out of my mouth were, “God, I trust you. We have nowhere to go but you. I trust that you can get us a home. I trust that you can provide my husband a job. If I need a different job, I trust that you can provide me one. Lord, I just surrender to you. I rejoice in knowing you will lead us our of this predicament.”

We had housing the next day.

Two days later, my husband had a job.

A week later, I got hired on to the law firm.

With each victory, I remember rejoicing and thanking God. I knew he had heard my prayer. God was there.

In our darkest times, God is our strength. He is the one who will bring light into the darkness. He is the victory. As the key verse at the beginning says, we have joy in his victory. I don’t know about you, but I still feel the joy as I tell this story. There was sadness, but the joy has overtaken that sadness. My challenge to you is to rejoice in the darkest times. Rejoice that there is victory because of the cross. Rejoice before your prayer is answered.



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