Limited Edition


R.I.P. Weezer 

My family and I said goodbye one last time to the beloved family dog, Weezer, on Thursday July 23rd of 2015. Weezer passed away Thursday morning following complications due to kidney failure. As I thought about the years of being around this dog, I couldn’t help but think how unique he was.

We obtained Weezer when he was about a year old after my half brother had to move into an apartment in town that wouldn’t allow dogs. We took Weezer in and he ended up becoming a part of the family. He loved to play fetch every time we went outside. If he couldn’t find his ball, he would compensate by bringing you a stick…or a rock (yes a rock). He played fetch so much that his front canine teeth were worn down.

Being on the farm, Weezer loved to go irrigating. He would wait below the dam and chase the water as it would flow down the ditch. Weezer had obtained the nickname, “Jesus dog”, as he would almost be running on top of the water as he would chase it. We would laugh endlessly as he would try to bark while his muzzle would be under the water. He would even wait until you weren’t looking, sneak up, and splash you endlessly. It was never a dry moment when it came to irrigating with Weezer.

The one thing that stood out with Weezer was that he had emotions and character. You could tell when he was scared, happy, excited, humiliated, angry, and many other emotions. Weezer was not stupid. He understood things. I remember that he would begin to bark in excitement every time my brother would grab his irrigating boots. He knew the significance of the boots and that it meant that it was time for him to go play in the water. If I could list all the other memories I had of that dog, this blog entry would end up being a novel.

As I think of how unique Weezer was to us and many others, I think about how unique we are to God. In Psalm 139: 14 states: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

You see, God made us all different. He created us with a purpose. We all have our own looks, talents, emotions, gifts, and purpose that was pieced together before we were made in the womb. There is no such thing as accidents in this world because of the Lord.

Today, I want you to look at yourself. Look at the different traits and embrace them. Maybe take out a notebook and write what you see in yourself as a reminder to be thankful for who you are. Praise God today that he created you the way you are because of his grand purpose for us all. I’m also speaking to myself because I’ve always been critical of myself, so trust me, I’ll be doing this challenge with you as well. Like Weezer, we are a once in a lifetime creation. We are limited edition.


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