Smoke and Showers, Provision and Purpose


Smoke covered the mountains that surrounded the valley that encompassed Powell and Cody, Wyoming. I sneezed once again, wishing that the smoke would just go away with each time that I would sneeze. I was miserable with my allergies. I was trying to open a pack of granola bars as I drove. Next to me was a court document that I was taking to the Courthouse in Cody to file with the Clerk.

I wasn’t in the mood to be driving to Cody.

I wanted to be home, trying to figure out what God had in store for me in the next year. I felt like there was something more than just being behind a desk answering phones and filing paperwork. But I knew that this job was my livelihood and I just couldn’t up and leave.

But I wanted to do something more for God.

As I drove into the outskirts of Cody, my phone vibrated. I own a car that allows me to sync my phone to it so I can talk hands free, so on the screen on my dash it told me that my boss was calling. I hit the answer button the wheel and said “Hello.”

Now, hours before I had left for Cody, my boss had left work because he wasn’t feeling well. It wasn’t like him to get sick like this, especially the day before a court appointed mediation, but it was better for him to be home and get better for the next day.

However, it wasn’t my boss on the other end of the line. It was his wife. She told me that he was getting worse and that they had called 911. They were at the hospital and that it was most likely a heart attack. She said there was no way he could work the next day and that he was panicking over the idea of missing a mediation. Without hesitation, I told her that I would take care of it. I told her to let me know how he was doing.

The next hour was hectic as I contacted everyone on his schedule, letting them know the circumstances. One by one, each person let me know that it was no problem and to keep updating them on the situation.

Nothing really sunk in with me until I got home and took a shower that night. That was when fear sunk in. You see, when you work for a lawyer, if they die, you become unemployed. I was scared of losing my one source of income.

Then it was like the Holy Spirit was speaking within me, reminding me of what Jesus had said about that we should not worry about what we will wear or what we will eat. He reminded me that he would provide for me if the worst would happen.

It was then that I felt selfish for worrying about myself. In that time I began to wonder about my boss. If he would die, would he go to heaven or hell? Did he know and have a relationship with Jesus. I knew he was tolerant of me having my Christian music playing at my desk, but not once had I talked to him about my beliefs.

It was then that God made me realize that I had something more than a job. I had a mission there. I had a mission of bringing the seeds of the gospel there with every shoulder that I rub there. This place wasn’t just some job. It was where God wanted me to be.

In a way there are two lessons from this story.

One, even in the hardest times, God is there and will provide for our needs every single day. We shouldn’t worry about our needs. We should focus on him first and foremost, and those needs will be taken care of in His perfect timing.

Two, where we are at isn’t meaningless. God puts us in places for a reason. I never dreamed of being a lawyers secretary. I wanted to be a writer and an artist. I don’t even have a degree as a paralegal. I’ve never given up on my dreams, but God has placed me where I am to serve for his glory. Wherever you are at, ask God to do his great works there through you because he wants to be known everywhere.

My challenge to all of you is to let go of all the worries that plague you. Give them to God. Secondly, I want you to ask God on how he can work through you in your circumstances.

Thanks and good afternoon my friends.


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