Shaking the Olive Tree

Let me tell you, one of my favorite things I love to eat is olives. If I can place olives on any dish, I would do it. I’ll put it with tacos, pizza, salads…you name it. I just love olives.

I apologize for grossing anyone out. And you are probably wondering why I would be talking about olives, but hear me out.

Did you know that olives and it’s oil was a big thing back in Jerusalem?

I kinda did, but I really didn’t have an in-depth idea on the connection with olives and Jerusalem until I started reading Perry Stone’s book, The Code of the Holy Spirit.

Just to sum it up, practically olives were used mostly for their oil and would go through various pressings. The first pressing would usually go for the oil to light the menorah and so on and so forth. It was interesting to find out that when olives would grow, they had to stay in the tree in order for them to be used. Then when it was time to harvest them, they would take a stick and beat/shake the branches and let the olives fall into the basket. Afterwards they would place the olive in an olive press where a massive round wooden circle would press onto the olive to release this oil. The olive could be pressed about four times to get as much oil in it.

However, I had to love what Perry wrote about the believer in relation to the olive branch that struck me. As believers, we are told to remain in the vine (John 15:4-7). Away from the vine we can do nothing just as a fallen olive is no use at harvest. What really is striking is the shaking of the olive branch. As believers, we will encounter shakings in our lives and we wonder why. Well, like the olive when it goes to be used, we have to be shaken in order for God to use us.

I’m not saying that all bad things are good and we have to be sincere, especially around others who have been through horrible times. What I’m saying is that when things get tough, it allows us to grow closer in our relationship with Christ. We learn to lean on him and rely on him to do the greater work in the situation. We can turn our situations around for God’s use.

Years ago, when I was going through an abusive relationship, I wouldn’t have believed that God could use a broken woman like me. However, that isn’t true. The more I walk with Christ, the more he uses my situation to help others.

The same promise is for you. Maybe you are going through some kind of shaking in your life. Hang on and rely on Jesus because He is going to use you in your shakings for His kingdom. Let your anointing flow through you that He has placed within you. Just like how the olive oil is useful in Israel (and the present) is, so is our use in God’s kingdom.

I want to give credit to Perry Stone for his book, “The Code of the Holy Spirit.” If you haven’t read it, you should check it out. It’s a great read.


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