The Pedigree of a King


Have any of you ever tried finding your ancestry? It’s an interesting and heart opening experience as you find out where your roots started and to see the steps your ancestors took in raising the next generation.

Genealogies can be frustrating too.

I remember as a brand new Christian sitting and reading the Bible. In particular, I remember when I would come across those wonderful genealogies. I would take one look at the passage and skip over it with the thought of  how useless these genealogies were.

Then there was a professor from a University in Missouri that came and visited our church.  He was an old friend of our pastor who specialized in teaching the meaning  behind missions. Let’s just say this guy emphasized on how important genealogies were in the Bible, especially in the context of reaching out to nations and peoples. Being the only college student attending his conferences those days, he looked over at me and challenged me to take a highlighter and go through the whole Bible and highlight whenever it referenced to nations and peoples…including in the genealogies sections.

Challenge accepted, and now my Bible has a wonderful color of yellow throughout it’s pages, including the genealogies sections.

Through my journey of loving myself, I decided to look at the genealogy of the man who loved us enough that he died for us…Jesus. There are two areas in the Bible where Jesus’ genealogy is listed, Matthew chapter 1: 1-16 and Luke chapter 3: 23-38. Now the ancestry listed is actually Joseph’s line, which was a Jewish custom in those times. We all know that Joseph wasn’t Jesus’ father, but he was the legal father. The reason they use Joseph’s line is in order to trace Jesus’ roots back to David and Abraham, who the promised Messiah was to come from.

Jesus’ line had some extraordinary men and women within his pedigree, but look deep down, you can also see some interesting matches. David was a great king and a man after Gods heart. But David also had his dark side which included adultery and murder. However, God chose someone with a blood line that came from David and Bathsheba (the woman that he committed adultery with).

David had repented of his sin of adultery and murder. That’s where we get our wonderful Psalm 51 from is that crucial part in his life.

Even though David had committed a terrible sin. Even though he had a mistake. God still used him. He didn’t kick David when he was down. He forgave and loved David all the more and still kept his promise of the Messiah coming from his line.

This concept is the same with us. We may have made mistakes in our lives. We may have been down and full of horrors, but He still loves us. Even though I had hated myself and lived with jealousy, God still came to me and loved me. He even has given me a purpose and a mission through His love. He has accepted me as His child. I have a pedigree of a heavenly king.

He has a purpose for you too.

No matter where you have come from or what you have been through, lay that before the cross and accept His loving arms. Live in His love. It’s the start of your God given purpose that will lead you to many more journeys, which in turn will lead to an eternity of peace and more love. You will be His child and will have the bloodline of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I like the idea of being a princess. How about you?


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